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WIIXIJQI  V0>~                                       -MS
But in Goethe a principal feature vras Ms divine
reserve, Ms constant moderation in eveiytiling, the
maintaining of necessary "boundaries, la Wolf," there
was an endeavour after the contrary, an exasperation
even in excellence. Thence proceeds Ms frequent3
divine "boldness. In Wolf, the pure and sincere vene-
ration of Goethe "was a beautiful feature ; Goethe, on
tlie contrary, was, especially latterlya very unjust
towards IVolf, and did not sufficiently acknowledge
Ms truly great and comprehensive mind/*
In 18255 a new and very congenial field of activity
opened to  BEumboldt.    A number of Berlin  artists
and art-friends         united to give, by annual contri-
butions, opportuniiies of work to the German artists
studying in Rome, having merely the advancement
of art for their object. This plan was soon extended
in regard to its purpose and the number of its mem-
bers, and. In 1855 this first plan was changed into the
Union for friends of art in the Prussian dominions.
At first, prizes were given only to those artists who
remained in Italy for their studies, but this condition
was subsequently dropped, A directory and com-
mittee of artists managed the affaire. William von
Hiimboldt was at once appointed to the head of the
former, as Ms artistic taste and accurate acquaintance
with. Rome and Homan artists had well fitted Mm for
it. He Tallied this office? as lie considered art and
plastic arts as one of the means for the development
of humanity. He even declared, that the influence of
art upon the public was of more Importance than art
itself. He proved this opinion by Ms acts, and de-
voted Mmself zealously to the duties of this society,
It was he who wrote the programme which was issued
by it on the 2Srd August., 1825, and he wrote a report
of the results achieved by the society regularly once
or twice a year. The first report is dated 29th Janu-
ary, 1826; the Iast3 23rd March, 1835, a fortnight
before his death. The principal portion of these pro-
grammes are merely of local importance ; but those
portions of them which are of general interest have